What is Missing?

“????????????????” - ???


What’s missing???


Does it matter???


If we wanted to know… if we wanted to know something… if we wanted to know anything… an answer – The Answer – to anything and everything, where would we look???


Can God help???  How can God help us find the answer???  All of the answers we need for the new year, for this life and the life hereafter???


Sometimes it may take some spiritual unscrambling with a prayerful heart looking into a the Bible...


Here’s the clue:  rof eth DOLR tevhig mdoisw: tou fo  ish touhm ehtmco dgelenkwo dan dnutrsedangin.  ropevrsb wto. xsi.


Unscramble it here:



Another verse says, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart,” Psalm 119.11.  “…out of his mouth cometh knowledge and wisdom.”  Proverbs 2.6.


Let’s make sure the Word of God, the Bible – is not missing from our lives as we enter this new year!




Run with patience,

Pastor Tottingham