They are wise to do...

"they are wise to do...”?

Jeremiah 4.22


We read this verse in Jeremiah and it sounds like a very good verse of scripture doesn’t it, they are wise to do...”?


It sounds like everything is going the way it should!  It seems like these people have it all together, and “they” have some “wisdom”, and “they” are “doing” something!  It sounds great.  It sounds positive.  It seems they have confidence in what they are doing!  Thank the Lord for people who are doing something!!!


So what are they wise in doing?


they are wise to do evil,”




What does that mean - “they are wise to do evil”?


It means they were busy, they were good at what they did, they were really doing something... and WHAT they were busy at, and WHAT they were good at was... evil.  They were busy and successful at DOING EVIL!


they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.”


And sadly, they couldn’t care less to learn anything about doing good!


Our world is full of “busy people”, “successful people”, “hard-working people”, “professional people”!  But without the Lord it is empty and often it becomes evil.  “they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.”  How sad – may we show a much better way, may we be “wise to that which is good, and simple concerning evil”! Romans 16.1


Run with patience,