If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death

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“If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.”
John 8.51
Baptist people know the Bible, they believe the Bible and the Bible guides us in every part of our life.  Love your Bible.  Know your Bible!  The article below is very good!
Our European Baptist brethren in the early 16th century suffered terribly cruel persecution.
    George Wagner of Emmerich, Germany was tossed into the flames in February 1527 because he didn’t believe that baptism possessed any saving power.
    In May 1527, Michael Sattler, a former Roman priest heard these words, “Michael Sattler shall be delivered to the executioner, who shall lead him to the place of execution, and cut out his tongue; then throw him upon a wagon, and there tear his body twice with red hot tongs; and after he has been brought without the gate, he shall be pinched five times in the same manner.”  Following that, he too, was burned to ashes.  He was executed because he declared, “Infant baptism is of no avail to salvation; for it is written, that we live by faith alone.”
    Leonhard Keyser had also been a priest, but had been brought to the truth by the grace of Christ.  In August 1527 he was consigned to the flames, but when his body wouldn’t burn, he was stabbed and thrown into a nearby river.
    Also in 1527 a young lady named Weynken Claes was burned to death in the Hague, Holland for her testimony of Christ.  Throughout her trial, every question was answered with scriptures.  When she was condemned she was asked, “Do you then, not fear death, which you have never tasted?”  Her answer was: “This is true, but I shall never taste death, for Christ says; ‘If a man keep my saying , he shall never see death.’  The rich man tasted death, and shall taste it forever.”   ~ David Oldfield
Run with patience,